Umut Gültekin and Lionel Messi: World Champions United at FIFA Awards

What do Lionel Messi and UMT ‘BLZ_UMT’ Bulletin share?
Both are world champs.
In wintertime, Messi gilded his occupation with winning the World Mug.
Bulletin considerably won the FIFA World Cup in the very first time in the summer.
On the occasion of this victory, the Leipziger was currently welcomed to the Ideal FIFA Football Honors.
Bulletin can be photographed with one or the various other football celebrity on website.
A profile of symbols where the question emerges which is larger.
Over all, Messi, that was granted the world footballer of the year that night, was ready for a common photo.
Bulletin with Ronaldo.
Other dimensions of sport and champions of the night were likewise photographed with the freshly baked twist footballer of the year.
Above all, all time icon Ronaldo, but likewise world footballer of the year, Alexia Patellas, or Emilio Martinez.
The Argentinian received the honor as goalkeeper of the year.
As Bulletin composed on Twitter, there was also a tiny drop of fortune.
With Kylian Mbappé, the picture request should not be fulfilled, although he was a meter beside me, so ‘BLZ_UMT’- decorated with a smiling emoji that shed a tear.

award ceremony on March 1st with competition on Instagram

Because the experience, nonetheless, this ought to be dried promptly.
The next emphasize is additionally due.


On March 1st we stream the award event of the twist footballer of the year live via Instagram from the Red Bull Arena in Leipzig.
After that all s eSport-Follower have the chance to obtain tickets for a residence game of the red bulls of their option.
You can review what to do for this on our eSport-Instagram channel.

The champion will ‘UMT’ introduce on Instagram.
This has to do with the problems of involvement.
The FIFA world champion proceeds in terms of sport immediately after the award.
After that RB Leipzig bets the relay victory in the south-east division of the Virtual Bundesliga.
Nonetheless, it is uncertain whether he will play, Bulletin hurt himself a few weeks back.
Already on the last suit day he really did not get involved.

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