Bernie Ecclestone Foresees a Troubled Future for Formula 1 in Germany

The former managing director of Formula 1, Bernie Ecclestone, sees black for the future of the premier class of motorsport in Germany.
I wonder: what’s wrong with Germany? The country had so many world champions. But the public seems to have lost interest in Formula 1. Germany has lost its importance as a Formula 1 country, said Milestone in an interview with
the DPA.
Formula 1 in Germany had a long past with many exciting races and personalities.


We had such great races there in front of such a great audience-but everything is g1. I’m really sorry that we lost Germany for Formula 1. There are no races anymore. It looks like it looks like
Germany would no longer exist for Formula 1, the Briton continued.
According to Milestone’s opinion, globalization and the growing F1 market were simply ignored in Germany: Maybe the organizers didn’t make enough efforts.

Have not grown.
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Can be canceled at any time.
Only when that changes can you run race again on German soil.
The 92-year-old would be the prerequisites for this.
I bet there is a foundation on which you can build success in Germany again.

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