HSV Imposes Sensitive Fines on Jean-Luc Dompe and William Mikelbrencis After Car Racing Incident

The 2nd division soccer team Hamburger SV enforced delicate fines versus his gamers Jean-Luc Dome and William Mikelbrencis after a vehicle mishap.
This was announced by the Hanseatic League on Wednesday.
The two French likewise did not take part in team training.
We spoke with Jean-Luc and William and clearly stated that we consider their habits to be absolutely reckless and that they would expect a corresponding sanction in the type of delicate fine, stated club board member Jonas Bold.
When determining the sentence, the outcomes of the police investigations are likewise of excellent importance, stated a message.
The vehicle accident happened on Monday evening near the port of Hamburg.
According to the club, Dome was directly involved, Mikelbrencis as a traveler of another vehicle close-by.
Both gamers had moved away from the scene of the mishap before the cops arrived.
The investigation is about the suspicion of a forbidden automobile race, as the cops confirmed to the SID.

HSV: offender show insight

Bold now expects a clear learning impact amongst both players, as he stated: We are very pleased that there was no injury and nobody seriously injured. Both should learn from their errors and need to address them.

Dome and Mikelbrencis gave their misbehavior on Tuesday afternoon to the board.
We made a bad mistake because we ought to have remained on website. We can just apologize in all forms and now have to respond to the effects, said Dome and Mikelbrencis in the message.


Dome also said sorry.
I have actually not satisfied my duty in this situation. I am very sorry, stated the aggressor: I apologize to my group and likewise with HSV and his fans, who are certainly a different behavior of an associate and gamer
Professional team can anticipate.

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