Mystery of Charles Aranguiz: Will He Return to Bayer 04 in Summer or Leave for South America?

He was almost forgotten behind the practically daily bulletins of Patrick Schick’s bar.
No marvel, Bayer 04 has various pots on the double 6 to make up for Charles Tranquil’s failure.


Rather various from fate in the center forward position.
That is the only favorable thing about the Cause Tranquil, which now takes on significant features for the athlete.
In mid-October in the 1: 5 personal bankruptcy in Frankfurt, the Chilean international was last for Bayer 04 in a game on the pitch.
A calf injury has actually been lame ever since.
This, diagnosed as a fiber tear, has been forcing the 33-year-old to expect around four months.
The midfield strategist simply does not get on its feet.
A multi-day warm-up prior to the start of training in early December after the World Cup break, which Tranquil wished to utilize to return in leading shape, did not tolerate the muscle.
Ever since, the six has continued to commute in between rehab and specific training.

ABI Alonso: It is not an injury

Even now.
Unlike prepared, the Chilean still can not train with the team.
He still feels a point in the calf. It goes a little slower than we wanted, stated coach ABI Alonso on Friday before departure to the away game at TSG Cofferdam.
There are a number of thick question marks behind the return of Tranquil, whose contract does not want to extend both sides.
When the Chilean can be anticipated again, his fitness instructor was unable to say: I do not know, admits ABI Alonso, it is not an injury, but feels a discomfort, he can not take the next action. We have to take
Have perseverance.
This is put to the test exceptionally.
At Tranquil there is even the concern of whether he can actually contribute for Bayer 04 again.
The long break and the strong competitors likewise make this hard for him.

Santos need to be interested

However, the fighter would not have deserved a farewell through the back entrance without a real go back to the square, which FC Santos supposedly hugged for an instant modification, however which has not yet been presented to Bayer.
Can Tranquil play for the factory club once again?
I hope it, says ABI Alonso, however it is an injury that the reasons for the problems are unclear.
In basic, the calf at Tranquil is thought about a potential weak point, because it always suffers from Achilles tendon issues that radiate into the muscles.
It is an exceptionally regrettable constellation for players like club.
Of course we are dissatisfied that he can not make faster development, explains ABI Alonso, who does not yet want to cross out Tranquil.
We require Charly, says the Spaniard, if he is healthy, he is a top gamer.

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