Square Enix: How New Titles and IPs Will Help Rebound Declining Sales Figures


The financial results of the first nine months of Square Enix’s current financial year do not look rosy.
In the period between April and December 2022, sales were 255,616 million yen, 6.6 % less than in the previous year.
The operating result was 41,315 million yen, over 17 % less than in the previous year.
Regardless of the intro of several new titles, the sales of video games did not accomplish the level of the previous year, which was partly to be anticipated, because the previous year Started Games like Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy and more needed to offer.

In addition, the End walker expansion was really successful in 2015.
In order to counter the downward pattern, Square Enix plans numerous brand-new titles, including titles with a new IP for the HD Games segment.
While no extensions are prepared for the MMO segment at brief notice, the business will concentrate on the binding of users through a range of functional initiatives. As far as the browser and smartphone games are worried, the business has additional titles for the
Introduction planned in the 4th quarter and beyond.

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