Movistar R7 Takes The Win In Day 2 Of LLA – A Recap Of All The Action From Mexico Citys Arena


The second date of day number two of the LA took place yesterday at the Arena de Esports de Artz Federal in Mexico City where we could see two very intense fighting where each of the squads demonstrated its potential together to be able to take
The points within the competition to be much more comfortable in the table within the tournament.

The wave drowns the dragons

The first duel would be from All Knights against Six Karma in a first game that begins positively for the diatonic squad with a Lucian in the hands of Vision with whom he takes things in his favor to punish the green wave and obtain the
First point.
For the second map we see a Six Karma team with a totally different countenance to be able to punish the opponents in each of the battles, playing quarterly we see but with a Cody that shows its Alkali to tie the series.
During the tiebreaker the green wave takes Lucian for Snake being lethal with this shooter to get a wide advantage in the game they occupy to be able to settle the series on their side and take the victory.

more colorful than kings

The second series puts The Kings against Movistar R7 with the rainbow team showing great game potential thanks to Bong who used Relic who manages to have a quite wide advantage that takes advantage of the fighting to be able to take the victory in the first
In the second encounter we see the most couples on each side, but again Bong’s account would be the one who came to light in the encounter with a k´Santa that manages to dominate the upper part of the map to make the rivals fall and power
Take the 2-0 series in favor of the rainbow.
For the first time in the LA we see a series that reaches the third map where the Six Karma team manages to turn around, with these steal results and R7 are left with the first place of the general table since they are the only teams that do not know the
Defeat, after seeing a different face of several squads will see how the players are coupled to dominate the next day.

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