Unlocking The Magic Of Athia: A Comprehensive Guide To All Kinds Of Spells


Lila magic other spells
Curse |
Building |
Sends out roots trying to find objects and the rate with which their assistance magic charges is proportional to the amount of victim found
Cut and run |
Blows the flooring and triggers damage to a vast array that hurls you back (activates Frey’s magic)
Genesis |
Firing spikes, skewing the enemies on their way
Genesis level 2 |
A broader location is covered and hit harder if you hold the button down
Genesis level 3 |
Poisoned opponents when the button is held down for a long time
Modification |
Usage craft skills to transform fracture fragments into fragments of other classifications
Fine-tune |
Increase the Break shard’s level by combining those of the same type
Perk up |
Let us use craft abilities to modify the capability of your necklace to increase your health

types of green spells (light-based)

Attack spells of the green magic

Defense spells of the green magic
Curse |
Aggression |
Shoots arrows in an arc that enemies marked for charged attacks
Settlement |
If you use circulation to prevent opponents, permits Rise Magic to be charged rapidly;
Likewise increases the senses
Required |
Mindful drifting mines taking off in the air that take off on opponents when effect
Moving |
Create a Frey Impression that brings in opponent aggro
Disturbance |
Immerse yourself in a complicated fog that forces them to attack each other
Job |
Throws a storm-loaded spear that releases near the electrical power close by
Sublimation |
Slowly heals by taking in the vigor of the environment
Storm |
Calls lightning to eliminate opponents in a wide variety by electrical shock
Storm level 2 |
Calls lightning to kill enemies more greatly by electrical shock
Storm level 3 |
Calls a destructive flash to kill opponents by electric shock

Green magic other spells
Curse |
Diversify |
Let us utilize craft skills to add a 4th capability, i.e. a locket
High and search |
Relocations at high speed as he fires magical light flooring son enemies and also changes to Ola’s Magic
Parody |
Dodge attacks by leaving a copy of yourself
Suppression |
But the skill is broken off by abrupt motion if it makes complex opponents to localize the user by deleting their essence

Defense spells of red magic
Curse |
Aside |
Summary flames to get rid of results, decrease the attack and defense while the attack is increased at the exact same time
Bomb shooters |
Actions back and activates a surge that causes AOE damage
Charge |
Pour forward with a magical shield, the opponents hit away
Tie gel |
Increases the attack power within an area enclosed by fiery walls
Fire trap |
A lava puddle produces under an opponent
Fusillade |
Summary several fiery projectiles that assault enemies while you note magic
Legion |
Summary intense soldiers who assault the opponent

Red magic other spells
Curse |
Enhance |
Usage craft abilities to improve the wonderful abilities of your cloak
Luminescent fire |
If a light invokes, which increases the restoration of its perseverance, however also makes it simpler to recognize it
Fire fleet |
Summary a fiery pillar that stays on the ground for a while and sprayed opponents with lava
Fire fervor level 2 |
The fire fulfills more difficult and in a bigger area
Fire eagerness level 3 |
The intense column flies over the battlefield and triggers damage
Drag-and-drop |
A ranged attack that pulls opponents better, assaulted opponents and likewise turns on Silas magic

Defense spells of blue magic

types of red magic expressions (on fire base)

Red magic attack magic
Curse |
Arches |
Cut through a magical sword in a broad variety
The variety is minimized in the air, however it causes more damage
Arches area 2 |
A stronger piece that likewise sends out a breathtaking shock wave
Arches 3 |
An even stronger slice with a devastating shock wave
Explosive disc |
Flows a magical spear that triggers the goal and likewise causes AOE damage
When it is fired out of the air, the spear fulfills harder and continues to fly
Surge disc level 2 |
Tosses a mighty spear
Surge disc level 3 |
Throws a disastrous spear
Mutable |
Unleashed a flood of wonderful blows when charging and utilizes explosive strength to fly the opponent when it is launched
Mutable level 2 |
Unleashes a stronger barrage and a stronger explosive force
LVL 3 |
Lets loose a fatal barrage and an explosive force
Disc |
Consecrates a wonderful sword to assault the enemy

Blue wonderful parkour magic
Curse |
Hover |
Dampen the case by manipulating gravity
Slide |
Slide over the water surface by manipulating gravity

Curse |
Arrow |
Shoot projectiles from wonderful light that mark enemies as objectives for charged attacks
Storm arrow |
Puts electrical energy over a small location during charging, and when the button is launched, unleash a shock wave that strikes the arrows that are embedded in enemies
Storm arrow level 2 |
Unleashes a stronger shock wave over a larger area
Storm arrow level 3 |
A deadly shock wave releases an even broader location
Viewfinder dart |
Sets lightning, trying to find the arrows that are rooted into enemies and trigger damage while moving
Viewfinder dart level 2 |
Increases the electrical attack power
More increases the electrical attack power
Sets a beam, which opponents are searching for with roots in it and shoots through them, and the rays cause damage while they go
Impulse arrow level 2 |
Rays trigger more damage
Impulse arrow level 3 |
Rays cause a lot more damage

Parkour magic of red magic
Curse |
Rush |
Utilize a well-timed crucial pressure to flow quicker
Climb |
Climbing greater rapidly in a row
Zipper |
Get and move with magic

Curse |
Washing |
Creates a cleaning rain that recovers status issues that cause slow repair of endurance
Dust |
The enemy is surrounded by a fog that makes it hard for him to recognize it
Cataract |
Develops an aqueous whirlpool that brings in enemies and damages them
Cataract level 2 |
If you hold the button down, water columns are sent out that attack the enemy
Cataract level 3 |
If you hold the button down for longer, icy water is discharged, the opponents are freezing
Adler |
Develops a water barrier that lets fly the opponents fly
Flood |
Sharpens the senses, which in turn increases the critical hit rate of Frey’s Poll
So-called |
Produces an aqueous pillar in a location that secures it from ranged attacks
Born |
Seats a poisonous water column onto the enemy and adds to everyone who touches them to poison
Edition |
Start the opponent in a liquid ball that strikes what causes an AOE surge

Purple wonderful defense spells
Curse |
Bind |
Used weeds to mesmerize enemies
Eliminate |
Let flowers sprout in a chosen location and throw stones on opponents
Implant |
Fires seeds that trigger damage in time
Bleeding |
Sprouting toxin recovery plants that they automatically recover with time
Prime |
When you step on it and triggered AOE damage, places an explosive wonderful trap that is triggered
Screen |
Defend yourself against enemy attacks by surrounding yourself with stones
Range |
Sends out an ivy turn that triggers damage based on the total damage triggered

In forsaken you have to find out magic if you desire to survive in the harmful world of Atria
In this guide, you will discover more about the MAGIC System of For spoken, consisting of the different categories of spells and their impacts when you work
Let’s start!

What are the various kinds of magic in forsaken?

Frey can learn four different types of magic
So they can be unlocked:
Frey’s magic (purple magic)- earth-bound-unlocked from the start
Ola’s magic (green magic)- light-based-defeat bread waves
Prays magic (blue magic)- water-based-defeated Santa Prey
Silas magic (red magic)- fire-based-defeated Santa silk
Each magic school includes numerous spells that you can master to enhance your defense, offensive and motion abilities
In the following sections you will discover all the spells of the specific magic schools and your skills

types of purple spells (earth-based)

Purple magical offensive magic
Curse |
Shot |
Feels boulders
Guard shot |
When letting go, storms ahead and produces a defense sign that is thrown forward
Guard shot level 2 |
Summary a bigger sign
Guard shot level 3 |
Summoned and even bigger indication
Burst shot |
Feels stones that trigger AOE damage
Burst shot level 2 |
Fires explosive stones that cause damage to a bigger area
Burst shot level 3 |
Firing explosive stones that trigger a lot more damage in a bigger area
Leeds |
Fires a consistent stone from stones when charging and releases a significant projectile with a high punch when releasing
Lift 2 |
The fire fires faster and harder while charging, and the final projectile likewise triggers more result
Level 3 | Level 3 |
When charging, stones are fired even faster and harder, and the final projectile also triggers a lot more effect

Blue magical parkour magic
Curse |
Alb |
Lowers the damage brought on by a single penetrating or non-blockable attack
Strengthen |
Permits you to utilize craft abilities to increase the defense by a cloak or a locket
On and away |
Lets loose liquid attacks as she delves into the air, and she likewise changes to Prays magic while she renews her projectiles

kinds of blue spells (on a water-based)

Attack spells of blue magic
Curse |
Bolt |
At noon a water polo that hovers in the air until a charged shot is fired
At this point the ball dissolves to increase the damage
Chain bolts |
Fires an arrow when charging and a 2nd when letting go, and the skill causes additional damage if both arrows struck the exact same location
Chain bolt level 2 |
Boosts the perk damage to the arrow and damage and the goal can be paralyzed if both hit the very same location
Chain bolt phase 3 |
Perk damage and damage are further increased and the objective can be incapacitated if both struck the exact same place
Cluster bolts |
Firing a single arrow that breaks in the middle of the air and rains bolt over a broad location
Cluster bolt level 2 |
Bolts cause more damage
Cluster bolt level 3 |
Bolts trigger a lot more damage
Fan shop |
Firing a group of amazingly linked arrows that trigger damage in the locations they penetrate
Fan bolt level 2 |
Armies cause more damage
Fan bolt phase 3 |
Arrows cause much more damage

Purple magical parkour magic
Curse |
River |
Grants high-speed parking and motion
Dive |
Climb higher by offering walls
Shimmy |
Take off the floor to speed up.

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