Madness to World Cup in Qatar! Argentina. Holidays in Buenos Aires: The new soccer world champions around Megastar Lionel

With their win at the World Cup in Qatar, Argentina has become the soccer world champions! Get to know more about this historic win and the celebrations that followed with a look into what happened in Buenos Aires when the open bus with Cam pones del Munro inscribed on it celebrated this amazing victory. Join us as we explore how Lionel Messi and his teammates became a part of history!

State in Buenos Aires: According to the authorities in the Argentine capital, around five million fans celebrated the soccer world champions around superstar Lionel Messi.
Chaos on arrival: The brand-new football world champions around Megastar Lionel Messi have interrupted their parade prepared by bus through the Argentine capital and instead will fly over the celebrating masses with the helicopter.
The streets in Buenos Aires were lined with hundreds of countless fans, the open bus with the engraving Cam pones del Munro just rolled rough scenes in the strolling speed.
On social media, video sequences might be seen that demonstrated how fans tried to get on the bus from bridges or climb.


The security of all participants was apparently not ensured.
District spokesperson Gabriela Circuit revealed via Twitter that the players will continue their parade by helicopter.
Let’s continue to commemorate in peace and reveal you our love and admiration! Circuit wrote.
Originally, the Argentine wished to take a trip the 30-kilometer course from the association area to the center of the Argentine capital.

disorderly scenes in Buenos Aires

At Obelisk, the 68-meter-high pillar of the capital, many fans have collected in anticipation of a substantial party because the morning.

In the very best weather, they drove out the waiting time for their heroes with singing, dancing and sparking fireworks.
In the Argentine capital, chaotic scenes eventually played off.
The fans flocked on bridges and the city highway, many climbed on traffic signal and traffic indications.
At around 30 degrees, the fans in the blazing sun were awaiting hours for the national team’s arrival.
The train traffic was ceased.
The airline Carolina’s Argentina’s warned of problems with late flights due to the traffic mayhem.
The smartphone networks were also strained at times.
Messi sat on the bus on an increase with 4 of his teammates, drank something out of a glass once again and again in intense sunlight and waved the blissful fans.
The golden World Cup was also provided.

Messi: Constantly to imagine ending up being world champion

On Instagram, the seven-time world footballer published a video with scenes in his profession.
It was practically three decades in which the ball offered me a lot of joy and some unhappiness. I constantly had to imagine ending up being world champ, and I didn’t want to stop attempting, even if I knew it might would never happen, he composed.
Midfielder Thiago Almeida released a picture of Messi with the cup on the roof of the bus, Rodrigo de Paul a video of the singing and commemorating gamers.
Previously, Messi had kept his fans as much as date with images on social networks.
After the nighttime arrival in Buenos Aires and a very first trip past thousands of fans, Argentina’s superstar had taken a little break.
And the freshly chosen football world champ was not the golden World Cup in the bed alone.
The 35-year-old posted 3 pictures on Instagram, on the very first he is sleeping in bed, the left hand on the prize, on the 2nd he smiles into the cam with a prize and on the third he is with a mate and a prize
To see cup.
Great early morning! Messi discussed the images that received more than 28 million likes 3 hours after the publication.

Messi with turning point on Instagram

Messi had actually also offered a milestone on Instagram.
A post of the 35-year-old with pictures, including the World Cup in the jubilation after the final won against France on Sunday, got more than 56.2 million likes in the social network until Tuesday morning with a more increasing trend.
Messi hence overtook the contribution from the World_Record_egg account, which was previously thought about an Instagram contribution with the most likes.
The photo of an ice cream was posted on January 4, 2019, to set up a world record with the objective.
It had received more than 64.7 million likes by the afternoon.
After landing at Plaza Airport on Tuesday night, the Argentine team, which was on the road for more than 20 hours, at first took the bus to the Argentinian association.
There, too, countless fans had actually currently cheered their idols.
After a briefly after breakfast Messi & Co., before the parade began.

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