Where To Run Over Christmas Decorations In Vehicles In Fortnite

Fortnite Winter fest 2022’s second week is underway and, like the previous week, players have a new set of missions to complete.
One of this week’s challenges requires that it run out of Christmas decorations in vehicles three times.
As is tradition, players will be rewarded with many XP when completing these missions.
That said, we have it covered with the essential guide to run over Christmas ornaments in Fortnite vehicles.

How to run over Christmas decorations in vehicles in Fortnite

Image source: epic games
Christmas celebrations have been launched throughout the island of Fortnite, and will find several Christmas decoration items, such as shrubs, lights, Christmas trees, caramel canes and much more.
However, the fault divisions and slapped shores are the best places to run over Christmas ornaments while driving a vehicle.
These points of interest not only have a good amount of decorative elements, but are also full of a lot of vehicles.
Therefore, after landing anywhere, look for a vehicle like a truck, a car or an off-road motorcycle, which usually appears on the roads.
After finding one, jump to him immediately and find decorations with Christmas songs such as lights, Christmas trees, caramel canes, Christmas statues and much more.
Then, all you need to do is run over these Christmas decorations at least three times using a vehicle to complete this mission.


In case you get a car for this search, we recommend that you wear a cows’ hunter to destroy structures and decorations easily.
Like other loot articles, cows hunters appear randomly on the island of Fortnite.
However, they have a high probability of appearing inside the garages right next to parked vehicles.
That is all you need to know about running over Christmas ornaments in Fortnite vehicles.
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