Emre Can – the next Mats Hummels?

Eyre Can have been a fixture in the Borussia Dortmund lineup for the past few years, but his performances this season have left many fans wondering if he will ever reach the heights of other BVB greats such as Mats Hummels. In this article, we take a look at Can’s career so far and explore whether he has what it takes to become the next Mats Hummels.

When it comes to so many other BVB stars, the season for Eyre Can have been very disappointing.
The 28-year-old was utilized frequently, however his accomplishments often left a lot to be desired.
A sale at Borussia Dortmund ought to no longer be a taboo topic.
A very first prospect is stated to have already begun discussions.
In 2020, Eyre Can originate from the Italian record champion Juventus Turin to Dortmund.

Lent for half a year, BVB did not hesitate long and dedicated the central midfielder in June of the exact same year for 25 million euros.
Up until now, the German-Turk has not truly justified this transfer.
Too often he made a capital.
CAN sometimes expose large deficits in the game structure.
The time of the 37-time German international in the Purport metropolis could already end this winter.
As the Ruhr Nachrichten reported in early December, Can is among the sales prospects at Russia.
With Benefice Lisbon, the first club is stated to have actually expressed interest in the midfielder.

leaves Eyre Can BVB on loan?

As the Portuguese online portal La Gazette Express reports, the leader of the Portuguese Primary League has an interest in a responsibility by CAN.
The club employers with the advisors of the Bundesliga specialist are stated to have currently happened.


The strategies of the association, which is trained by Roger Schmitt, are stitching to work with CAN buy loan up until completion of the season, the report continued.
Benefice Lisbon also wishes to integrate a purchase option into the offer, it is stated.
It is doubtful whether BVB is getting into such an organization.
Russia must be more like selling the 6.
Because no other club has actually been stated to have actually asked CAN so far, the yellow and black might likewise agree to a loan service, rumbling the Portuguese website.

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