WoW: This Is How The Bravery And Conquest Points Increase. Also In Season 1 Of WoW: Dragon Flight There

This is how the bravery and conquest points increase. There’s also an upper limit for bravery and conquest points that you can earn per ID. It means that if you are flying a character with more than one ID, it will be possible to earn all the maximum of bravery and conquest points.

Season 1 of WoW: Dragon Flight impends and the end game of the expansion really starts.
As soon as once again, gamers can earn conquest points in the examined PVP and bravery points about legendary plus to upgrade their PVP and EVE products.
Community Manager Lindy has now confirmed in the official WoW Online forum how lots of bravery and conquest points can make players weekly.
The weekly upper limit for conquest points starts at 1,350 points and boosts by 550 points every week.
The weekly cap for bravery points is 1,500 points and boosts by 750 points every week.
In the following you can see how far you can update your EVE devices with bravery points, which M+ score is essential and the number of points per things are required.

bravery points upgrade expenses and requirements

The following expenses are incurred to update a product by 6 item levels:
250 bravery points: indication, subordinate hand, ring, cloak, arm rails, pendant
400 bravery points: precious jewelry, belt, shoulders, gloves, shoes
475 bravery points: helmet, trousers, chest
500 bravery points: mobility and strength weapons (one-handed).


  • 750 bravery points: intelligence weapons (one hand).
  • 1,000 bravery points: two-hand weapons.
    You need the following mythical-plus rating to update to the matching item level:.
  • As much as Item level 392 (level 6): No examination required.
  • Item level 395 (level 7): Evaluation 600.
  • Item level 402 (level 9): Examination 1,000.
  • Item level 405 (level 10): Examination 1,400.
  • Item level 408 (level 11): Assessment 1,700.
  • Item level 411 (level 12): Evaluation 2,000.
  • Item level 415 (level 13): Evaluation 2,400.
    In our large introduction of WoW: Dragon Flight season 1 you will find out more about the M+ season and the rewards.
    Which title you get from what evaluation, what is actually the greatest possible benefit from the big treasury and what you have to do for it.
    With Dragon Flight, the reward for hardcore players is increased once again and a +15 dungeons in the end does not use the best possible reward.
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