Christmas Gifts: The Saturn Meinacht. Saturn makes the gifting purchase exceptionally for Christmas, because as a customer you get

Christmas is here and time for gift giving! We figured out the perfect holiday gifts for everyone on your list.

computer/tablet bundle (choice).

(RAP 768 EUR)

Smart House Package.

  • Philips Color White & Col. GU10 Drawback + Philips Color White & Col. GU10 Drawback Set Price 159 EUR Ring Video Doorbell + Ring Chime bell system Set Price: 129 EUR #### Family appliances package.
    (RAP 918 EUR) Robotic S7 Max Plus suction robot with suction station + accessory set cost 859 EUR #### Toys package (choice).

  • Playmobil Tries Princess Castle + dining room + dorm set rate EUR 149.99 (RAP EUR 245)||
    Movies & music with savings advantage: 3 for 2, 5 for 3, 9 for 5.
    Saturn Manchu Bundles: A look at all offers at a look.
    Saturn Meihnacht-Bundles: All offers at a glimpse.
    Nearly EUR 500 can be saved at the Banach bundle with Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ and Galaxy Watch4 compared to the RRP.
    Source: Saturn.
    Now at Saturn: PlayStation 5 console, PS5 games & devices more affordable.

PICO 4 All-in-One VR headset in the Christmas bundle near Saturn.

Spar package for Christmas at Saturn: PICO 4 all-in-one VR headset + 6 video games.
Source: Saturn.
For VR fans, Saturn provides a great package quickly before Christmas: PICO 4 all-in-one VR headset + 6 VR games.
The VR headset PICO 4 is a stand-alone device that does not need the connection to a PC.
Producer PICO has loaded the headset battery into the back of the headband.
In this method, the weight of the glasses does not pull the head forward, however guarantees that PICO 4 is pleasantly balanced.
With just 300 grams, the VR glasses are incredibly light anyhow.
PICO has actually offered the VR headset with a Qualcomm-XR2 processor and 8 GB RAM, so it has adequate performance.
The display screen uses 2,160 x 2,160 pixels per eye, which corresponds to a 4K resolution.
Images are duplicated with 90 Hertz, must above all avoid the development of movement sickness.
With a FOR (Field of View = visual field) of 105 degrees and the brand-new pancake lenses, black image edges of the past should belong and the immersion sensation of virtual truth is even much better out.
Saturn uses the PICO 4 all-in-one VR headset optionally with 128 GB or 256 GB difficult disk stores.

PICO 4 Christmas package near Saturn.

  • PICO 4 VR headset 128 GB + 6 Games EUR 429.99.
  • PICO 4 VR headset 256 GB + 6 Games EUR 499.99.
    In addition to the gift project for Christmas, MediaMarkt and Saturn routinely have leading deals with significantly minimized costs for everyone, TV, note pad, monitor, mouse, keyboard, main board, SSD, graphics card, video gaming chair, headphones, smartphone, tablet.
    , Want to purchase video game console, games or family appliances.
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  • Philips OLED TV 65 inches (incl. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ Wi-Fi (incl.

Still searching for a gift?
Saturn sweetened the purchase of gifts shortly before Christmas with the Manchu Bundles campaign: The electronics merchant currently integrates significantly reduced-reduced technology articles with a second, matching device without extra expenses for an additional cost savings effect.
The attractive bundles include TV and wise house gadgets, computer systems, toys, video gaming accessories, home devices and inserts.
Essential: Order up until December 20.
At 12 midday, Saturn secures a delivery by December 24, 2022.
Saturn Manchu Bundles
Saturn Meihnacht-Bundles: All deals at a glance
Over EUR 300 price parrot (compared to the RRP) near Saturn: Samsung LED TV with 50-inch + Samsung Galaxy Buds Live in-ear headphones.
Source: Saturn

TV, clever home, computer, toys and a lot more: Present campaign for Christmas at Saturn

The Manchu Bundles campaign at Saturn runs up until 24.12.2022.
Christmas gifts can be purchased for enjoyed ones or cheaper-and you get a second article without discovering.
Whether LG TELEVISION + Soundbar, Samsung Tablet + Smartwatch or Siemens washing machine + laundry rack on television, wise home, computer system, toys, video gaming, household and far more can be conserved.
And who until December 20.
Bought at 12 midday, the delivery gets by December 24, 2022.
Saturn Manchu Bundles

Highlights of the Meinacht-Bundles near Saturn (choice).


TV package (choice).

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