Morocco Referee Accused: Horrible, Shameful, Injustice

PSG expert Hakim, from 2018 to 2020 in the service of the Dortmund Russia, now excused his behavior after the last whistle of the little final lost with 1: 2 versus Croatia.
Nothing happened. I was angry after the argument, said the 24-year-old according to the Moroccan broadcaster Arcadia television.


So I went to him and excused the words I stated to him.
Infantile is Hakim’s pal and I respect him quiet. Absolutely nothing happened.

not mad for the very first time

That looked different after the game.
Hakim and his colleagues pressed the Qatari an referee Abdulrahman Al Passim ( note 5) due to the fact that he had not offered a penalty for Morocco in the last phase.
Hakim in particular also insulted Infantile en route to the cabin.
A manager should lastly push the PSG gamer aside.
Morocco didn’t feel disadvantaged for the very first time at this World Cup.
Currently, after the lost semi-finals versus France (0: 2), the Association of the North African country had complained with a letter about the performance of referee Cesar Arturo Ramos PALULOS.

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