FC Schalke 04 | When will the suffering of Rodrigo Zalazar end?

FC Schalke 04 are currently in the relegation zone, but Rodrigo Salazar is one of the few shining lights on the team. The question remains, when will the suffering of Rodrigo Salazar end?

In the promotion season, he was among the excellent heroes at FC Schalke 04, became one of the royal blue crowd with his objectives.
In the existing season, nevertheless, Rodrigo Salazar lags far behind the terrific expectation of him in the truest sense of the word, given that he has actually been injured for months.
What’s next with the midfield star, with which S04 still desires to keep relegation?
Salazar was only 4 times in the current Bundesliga season in the beginning eleven of the Gelsenkirchen.
Considering that the start of October, the Uruguayer has not been a single minute on the yard after suffering a complicated midfoot break.
When will the innovative player, who scored 6 goals for the narrow in the ascent year 2021/2022, will finally return?
Schalke’s brand-new head coach Thomas Was winced just with his shoulders in conversation with the Westdeutsche Allegiance Dating.
If I knew that, the S04 coach itself could not give a precise answer.
It always depends on how the course of healing is and how the foot behaves again when it has actually kicked the ball again for the very first time. I’m not a physician, stated Thomas Was, not yet a single training session under the Salazar

Eintracht Frankfurt has a buyback option for Salazar. Schalke’s fitness instructor made it clear that the midfielder will definitely not be offered in the first games in 2023.

The hopes of many S04 advocates for a timely resurgence currently broke up in January.
It is still open as it will continue with Salazar after completion of the season.
The Gelsenkirchen have actually now tied their promotion to the club by 2026.

With Eintracht Frankfurt, a buyback provision of 4 million euros was contractually determined.


According to the existing state of knowledge, it is still totally open whether Contract will pull this option.

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