9 Reasons Why Morocco won the World Cup

Morocco shocked the world with their victory of the Portugal team, and social media went wild. With 9 reasons why Morocco won the World Cup, take a look at how Morocco managed to upset Portugal and make it to the semi-finals.

A male was stabbed in Milan after the victory of Morocco versus Portugal in the quarter-finals of the World Cup.
According to preliminary understanding, the North African was assaulted by a stranger with a knife or another point on the neck.
He was required to a healthcare facility.
According to the La Repubblica paper, his condition intensified in the evening and needed to be run on.
According to a very first reconstruction, the victim of the attack inadvertently came together with another guy when he in fact wanted to settle a disagreement.
The unidentified then attacked a popular shopping street in the northern Italian metro pole mistake on the Torso Burns Aires-one.


After that, the criminal might flee.

Around half a million Moroccans reside in Italy, according to the successes of the North African national group at the World Cup in Qatar, thousands of fans went on the streets in several cities.
This has actually currently happened, for instance when numerous Italian conservative extremists in Verona attacked the celebrating supporters recently.

once again riots in Brussels, the police arrested 60 people during riots after the semi-final inlet Morocco.

As the Belgian news company Bella reported, citing a cops’ spokeswoman, events had been used after the 1-0 over Portugal massive pyrotechnics.
The police had tossed small groups with things.
Initially the celebrations had begun peacefully, but the mood had often reversed, Bella reported.
Currently, with the previous success of the North Africans there had actually been riots by Morocco advocates in Brussels.

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