GTA Online Providing Grand Theft Car Gamers New, Free Car

While a complimentary automobile may not be as beneficial to everyone considered that numerous GTA Online gamers most likely have their garages filled with the cars and trucks they want by now, this one is a brand-new automobile completely. It’s the Declare Tahoma Coupe, and after players amassed an extraordinary GTA 4 TRILLION collectively in The Heists Obstacle, everyone will get it free of charge.


In the very same announcement about the free vehicle, Rock star also named off a couple of features pertaining to the game that gamers can look forward to. A few of those consist of upgrade for the vehicles themselves such as the reality that New automobile purchases will show up in your Garage faster than before, according to Rock star. Rock star also teased the arrival of other things like an upgrade planned for later on in the month that’ll be the first installment of a massive multipart upgrade, so we’ll expect to read more about that soon, most likely around the time that the Declare Tahoma Coupe is distributed.

As a result of that absolutely staggering take in The Heists Difficulty, a brand-new automobile in the upcoming GTA Online update– the retro-styled Declare Tahoma Coupe– will be offered to all GTA Online gamers for a limited period later on this month, Rockstar Games stated about this free benefit that’ll be released soon.

We do not yet understand exactly when the vehicle will be available, however it’ll be launched at some point this month. It’ll obviously just be claimable during a limited window of time, nevertheless, so be on the lookout for it to be offered whenever that giveaway begins.

GTA Online gamers were charged just recently with a new community difficulty from Rockstar Games. In true Grand Theft Car fashion, the goal was to steal a lot of money through the video game’s Heists, and if gamers could achieve the objective of stealing a collective GTA 2 trillion, they were guaranteed a surprise benefit. Players exceeded and beyond that objective already, and to make good on the promise, Rock star stated it’d be providing everyone a complimentary car.

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