John Wick producer, Kung Fu Action Sipu

The movie ‘John Wick’ and the game ‘Sip’. In addition to the core topics of revenge, there will be a new commonality of the same creator’s action film.


The film is produced as a movie of Slot lab, which shows an impressive fighting action with the concept of age with death. The Local has been interested in the filming of the game early. And the deadline’s report shows that this initiative has moved to a real project.

The point to look at is the Derek Cols tad to work on the script. In addition to the script, he is the representative work that expands his activities to various fields such as producers and directors. Cols tad wrote his name in earnest by writing the script of ‘John Wick’, which was loved by many fans for its unique worldview and attractive action.

Unlike the unique action, the obvious development and the simple story are one of the parts that are criticized in the ‘John Wick’ series. However, the story of the work is also considered a structure that is concise and does not interfere with the flow of the entire play. As a result, it is also considered as one of the successes of the work by maintaining the narrative build, but focusing on the action.

As the game ‘Sip’ has been acclaimed in the action implementation rather than a textured story, it is also possible to predict that the script of Molested can be suitable for the unique action.

In addition to the new ‘John Wick’ series, which will be released later, Cols tad has joined the film as a script and producer of the movie ‘NoBody’. He also wrote the co-general and some episodes of Disney’s TV series ‘Falcon and Winter Soldier’.

If you’re interested in the original game media, you’ll not be unfamiliar with the name of Cols tad. He is also known to participate in the animated TV series of the stealth game Splinter Cell and the ‘Streets of Rage’. In addition to Cols tad, Dmitry Johnson, who will be a producer, is also known as a co-producer of the Super Sonic series.

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