Rumor suggests that Super Marios movie would already have a digital purchase date

The desire of fans to see the film by Super Mario Bros. grows every day since they showed us that first trailer, since the characters and plot look most striking. This was backed by a second video that was shown yesterday, and now a rumor of the film that goes far beyond the premiere in the movie theaters.

According to Jeff German de Giant Bomb, he says that on May 11, fans could already acquire their copy of the film, implying that they could do it in digital format. Although there could also be the income alternative in places like Amazon Prime Video, even through some payment services per cable event.

To this he added that the duration of the tape would effectively be 85 minutes, something that fans did not like, but that is the standard for child cutting animation tapes. In addition, that arguments arise that Mario’s story cannot be provided for two hours, to that we add the cost for extra animation minutes for Nintendo.


It is worth mentioning that everything discussed is simply a rumor, so at the end the day sales of the film could be completely different from that mentioned above. The duration could be somewhat more credible, after all some cinemas have already listed the film, and many coincide with the same number of minutes.

Remember that the film premieres on March 30, 2023.

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