A new app has fallen into the public’s liking, lens, which creates artificial intelligence avatars based on photos. With the Magic Avatars tool are made illustrations that have vitalized in social networks in recent days. Success is so great that it has even won eSports personalities, who have not missed the opportunity to join.

Players, influencers and people who work behind the scenes of electronic sports enjoyed the idea of Sense and published their versions of avatars on social networks. The result is surprising and resembles a lot of illustrations made by artists. See the results of pro creations and lens influencers:


GAUGES (CS Streamer: GO)

FIX (CS Player: GO of Imperial)

Dynquedo (Lol Player from Loud)

Guerra (coach of cs: go the curia)

Complex (Free Fire The Los Grande Player)

The lens has reached several segments of eSports and personalities who work behind the scenes and on stage have also adhered to the sensation and the result is an absurd realism. See below:

Sandy Serrano (MIR Community Manager)


Nevi Stephan

How does the lens work?

The tool provides a fantastic result, but since not everything is flowers, it has some restrictions. The user must send at least 10 photos and maximum of 20, have to be same person in all and cannot have others together in the images. Variety of angles, funds and facial expressions, only selfies and portraits are acceptable and only adults. No trying nudes illustrations as well.


The app is free, but the tool is paid. The value varies according to the amount of avatars the user wants. Check out the prices below:

  • 50 AVATARS $22.90
  • 100 AVATARS $34.90
  • 200 AVATARS $44.90

How to create an avatar?

  1. Download the Lens app from Google Store or Apple Store
  2. Access the Magic Avatars tool in the application
  3. Choose and send 10 to 20 photos in the mobile gallery
  4. The page will appear to make the payment
  5. Pay and confirm
  6. The application will start developing the avatars and soon everyone will be available.

The lens is easily found in the Android and iOS application store. Payment can be made by credit or debit card and with the credits the user has on the Google Play or App Store account.

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