What is the devil of eternity in Chainsaw Man? Explained

When Benji and the special division team 4 arrive at a hotel, so they believe it is a routine call, they quickly realize that the creature that stalks in the halls is anything less normal. Episode 6 focused on the group that tries to find a way to escape the grilles of the monstrosity that keeps them suspended in time and space on floor 8. But, what is the devil of eternity? We have the answers here.

The true nature of the Devil of Eternity in Chainsaw Man

As the name implies, Eternity Devil is an amorphous monstrosity with the ability to manipulate time and reality. Its physical form is a horrible mass of human heads and limbs that can expand in infinite proportions, but in its essence, it is simply a thread of meat in the form of an infinity sign (or an 8, appropriate for the soil in which find). Blackberry

At the end of episode 5, the group recognizes that something strange is happening at the hotel, since all the stairs lead to each other in a kind of mental distortion of MC Escher. They soon realize that time has stopped and that all doors and windows lead to the same hall and set of rooms. they are trapped, apparently forever, in the endless loop of the devil of eternity unless they give Benji as he orders.


The monstrosity on the 8th floor feeds on fear and becomes bigger when Kobe and Arab panic once they accept the severity of their situation. Benji, however, acknowledges that the devil of eternity is afraid of his chainsaws and the pain they can inflict and throws himself in the cavernous mouth of the creature to save himself and to the varied crew.

Why did the Devil of Eternity surrender to Chainsaw Man? Answered

Benji’s implacable and deranged attacks, complemented with the endless healing courtesy of the blood of the devil of eternity, eventually wears the captor. The devil supplicates clemency before the endless attack, and with a final cut in the heart, Benji kills the devil of eternity and releases the group of life-threate with another stretch of bullet for the collection and another dangerous demon killed.

That is all you need to know about what is really eternity debility from Chainsaw Man. Read more answers to your Chainsaw Man’s questions with content like what is a demon, if Benji fights Gun Devil and why Eternity Devil wants Benji in the first place.

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