Podolski desires to continue a career

Goring won the Polish championship 14 times, last time in 1988. The Pools Club is presently four to indicate the relegation places in the twelfth location in Ekstraklasa.


A bit like 1. FC Cologne

The previous star of 1. FC Cologne commented in a discussion with the Older Express and likewise stated: Throughout the long break, we now have enough time to speak with the club about the future.

The 2014 world champion, born in Polish Gleiwitz, has actually been having fun with Goring considering that last year. Goring constantly reminds me a little 1. FC Cologne: great deals of custom, excellent fans, a terrific stadium, however no more title won for a long period of time. And in the table we have to do with the very same way as FC, stated Pools Older Stadt-Anzeiger.

Football world champ Lukas Pools does not think of stopping and obviously wishes to hang up at the Goring Zaire Polish Club for another year.

If I continue to take pleasure in, feel so good and keep in mind that I can still stay up to date with physically well, there is no reason for me to end my profession in summer, said the 37-year-old in an interview with the Cologne Stadt-Anzeiger.

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