National group | Goals on the assembly line Werder Bremens Bittencourt raves about Füllkrug

Welder Bremen’s midfielder Leonardo Bitten court believes in many objectives from national players and colleague Nicolas Fuller at the World Cup in Qatar.

He knows where eviction is. He ratings goals on the assembly line. Fill is a goalkeeper, excited the German-Brazilian.
If he currently ratings goals with a team as we are, how should it only be when he plays with world stars?
Fuller scored in his national group debut to win 1-0 versus the Oman.
It didn’t surprise me, said Bitten court.
Its shape is outstanding. If he is healthy, he will meet.


For promoted Welder, the 29-year-old filling jug scored 10 objectives in the previous season and played a significant part in the Hanseatic’s first half of the season.

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