Infantino recommends fire break in Ukraine throughout the World Cup

At a performance at the G20 summit of the most crucial commercial and emerging countries on Tuesday in Bali, Infantile (52) stimulated that the weapons are quiet from the beginning of the World Cup up until the last on December 18.

He likewise attracted the participants of the summit of various state and federal government heads such as US President Joe Biden and Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz: They are the leaders of the world. Influence.

We are not naive and believe that football can resolve the problems of the world, said the head of the World Football Association. The World Cup might be factor for a positive gesture or an indication.

Infantile included: My demand to all of you is to believe about a momentary one-month break throughout the period of the World Cup. Or a minimum of the intro of humanitarian corridors or anything else that causes the resumption of dialogue.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino proposed a one-month break in the war in between Russia and Ukraine for the time of the World Cup in Qatar.

lunch with the G20 countries

IOC manager Thomas Bach was likewise represented at the G20 summit on the Bali holiday island. He likewise required chances for peace. In Olympic history there is likewise the tradition of Olympic Peace from the time of Greek antiquity. This implies that no war ought to actually be waged throughout the Olympic Games. The Olympic Peace was repeatedly violated.

The FIFA manager likewise recalled that Russia was organizing the 2018 World Cup and Ukraine is applying for the 2030 competition. In overall, the World Cup of 5 billion Television audiences will be pursued.


The FIFA employer also remembered that Russia was organizing the 2018 World Cup and Ukraine is using for the 2030 tournament. Football integrates the world, he said. In total, the World Cup of five billion TV audiences will be pursued.

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