LIVE! Hanover has 3rd location

The chasing duel clearly dictated Düsseldorf in the initial round. The tour of Carbonic was as a result well was entitled to, he hit the appropriate kink (14th). The red evil ones struggled to aggressively and did not tape-record a genuine chance of racking up before the change of sides, the Fortuna made it much better, Nootka provided the huge chance to 2-0 (41.) quickly before the break. The FCK came out of the cabin as well as matched to Wunderlist’s Lattenskracher (48th) by Kraus to an edge (50th). Spoke almost awarded the strong phase of the guests (58th). A balanced game then determined Element with the last action, he transformed a penalty in the sixth min of stoppage time.

In the duel in between Kiel as well as Hanover you could see directly that both teams desired football. As an outcome, an amusing and also very easy-to-see initial half developed in which Kiel took the lead after a fantastic counterattack by Barrels (9th). The 96 response was not long in coming, Teacher fired the 1: 1 (16th), with which it was additionally possible to go right into the cabins. The degree of the first round can no more hold the 2nd half. Eras made clear soon prior to the end prior to the line as well as conserved the storks 1-1. Visitor train Late saw yellow-red before the last whistle, he initially grumbled and also after that clapped highly applause. Immediately later on was over.

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