NCsoft, 3Q operating profit of 144.4 billion won. Lineage IP

NC soft recorded 3Q results due to the rebound of popularity of Lineage Intellectual Property (IP)-based games and the expansion of global sales.

The company is focusing on the remaining second half and next year through the maintenance of the popularity of existing services and the new ‘TL’ aimed at the global market.

On the 11th, NC soft announced that it recorded sales of KRW 64.2 billion, operating profit of KRW 144.4 billion, and net profit of KRW 182.1 billion.

Compared to the same period last year, sales grew 21%, operating profit 50%, and net profit of 83%. Compared to the previous quarter, sales decreased by 4%, and operating profit and net profit increased 17% and 53%, respectively.

This is due to the stable popularity of Lineage IP-based mobile game sequels and the achievements of global advancement.

Mobile game sales amounted to 437.3 billion won in the third quarter. This is a 32% increase from the same period last year and an 8% decrease from the previous quarter. By product, Lineage W W197.1bn, Lineage M 146.5 billion won, Lineage 2M 85.6 billion won, and Blade & Soul 2 are 8.1 billion won.

Lineage W accounted for 33%of the total sales in the third quarter. This is a performance of updates and global IP affiliates, the company explained.

PC online game sales amounted to W25.5bn, Lineage 2 23.4 billion won, Ion 17.5 billion won, Blade & Soul 5.9 billion won, and Guild Wars 2. The 10th anniversary of its launch, Guild Wars 2 grew 29% year-on-year. Ion’s sales increased 23% Qom due to the classic server update effect.

In terms of regional sales, global growth is noticeable. Korea recorded KRW 375.4 billion in Korea, KRW 140.8 billion in Asia, and KRW 44.8 billion in North America. North America and Europe grew 62% and Asia in Asia, compared to the same period last year. Overseas and royalty sales amounted to W43.3bn, accounting for 38%of total sales.

NC soft will maintain the popularity of existing services based on existing development and business capabilities. In particular, the company is expected to grow further with new works such as TL.

TL is a PC console MMORPG genre that is designed to have a direct impact on gameplay for environmental elements such as day and night or rain and wind. The core elements in the game can interact with the direction of the wind and the intensity affecting the range of the bow, and you can experience various combat situations.

The game will be serviced by Global Publishers next year. TL Publishes is a strong Microsoft (MS) or Amazon. In November 2018, Kim Taejon and Microsoft CEO Satin Adela met in person to discuss future technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud.

NC soft’s reason for selecting publishers rather than direct global services is because it was necessary to expand global influence. Battlegrounds and Lost Arc IP have been handed down with Tencent and Amazon, respectively, to achieve more than expected in the global market.

At the same time, the company plans to introduce the PC console AAA-class title LLL sequentially from next year, in addition to the mobile game collection RPG Blade & Soul S and Action Battle Royal Game Project R. ALL, a shooter genre, will be introduced on the 14th with the release of in-game video.

NC soft said, TL is right to go to the PC console. It is not different from the existing business plan. I’m going to do it. We will introduce TL through various channels.

The in-game video containing the actual play scene of LLL will be released on the 14th, he said. This has been done a lot.

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