Rim World Psychology Religion Simulator, Steam official launch

The new pseudo religious simulation, “ Honey, I JOINED A CULT ”, which has a graphics and progress reminiscent of the rim world, was converted to the official launch on the 4th.

‘Honey, Join A Cult’ is a rim world-style game that depicts the process of developing facilities by expanding the room by securing the necessary personnel and expanding the room. The simplified 2D art style is also reminiscent of the rim world. However, if the Rim World pioneered the planet and depicts the escape of the spaceship, Honey and Join A Cult, as the name suggests, was based on the operation of a pseudo religious facility.

The player must build a religious activity base and secure believers and resources to grow forces. First, after setting up a virtual presence that symbolizes religion, it is necessary to spread it and collect the believers. We need to increase our faith by providing enough food and wonderful facilities so that these believers have been reborn as more faithful members. You can experience the process of creating a new religion and spreading it through play.


The believers who have secured can be used as a labor force to operate the facility, and must be well managed so that faith does not disappear because there is a risk of departure when the faith decreases. In addition, the lords who are in charge of the expansion of forces and securing believers cannot preach properly if they feel unpleasant, so it is also an important task to match the mood of the lords.

Honey and Join A Cult started on September 15 last year and turned to the launch on November 4th. Starting from its launch, it can be purchased for 16,620 won, which is 33% off until November 11th, and will officially support Korean subtitles. The steam user evaluation as of 2:54 pm on the 7th of the 798 reviews is ‘very positive (80%)’.

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