Warner will not make more DC movies for HBO Max: after Batgirl now falls Black Canary

Warner Bros. Discovery and DC Studios work on the restructuring of their cinematographic universes, demonstrated signing of James Gun main responsible for the DCU or the sound return of Henry Cavill Superman . Although there were still some loose ends to tie like DC announced films designed for a direct premiere in HBO Max; Now, David Slav , New CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, h confirmed that will not produce more DC films for their streaming platform , confirming a new victim: Black Canary .

Warner Bros. only bet on cinema for DC

This is collected by media ic book after the lt shareholders meeting of Warner Bros. Discovery, where the company’s CEO itself h explained the new direction of the company regarding the streaming premieres and DC cinem. We have learned what does not work. And this is what does not work for us bed on everything we have seen and experienced in these months: direct films to streaming , said the mandal of the new Warner Bros.

This leads us to think directly about previously announced DC films and that had not yet entered the filming phe, is the ce of Black Canary . And after Ave’s of dam with Harley Quinn the protagonist, a film spin-off w announced for HBO Max starring Black Canary , a character played again by the actress June Smollett . And it seems that this new film will finally take place in the new organization chart of Warner Bros. Discovery.

Lting one billion dollars or looking for a minor window for streaming film premieres do not work. The films we releed in the cinema would have to raise more, and relee a 2-hour and 40-minute film directly for streaming h done nothing for HBO Max in terms of audience, retention or fidelity for the service, The manager concludes.


Cone everything, Black Canary adds to the long list of projects canceled after the new Warner direction with respect to DC and other franchises of Lac Albania mother that seem to be on the tightrope like Harry Potter.

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