RB Leipzig: CAS offers RBL in the Jean case

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RB Leipzig has now obtained right in front of the International Sports Court in the conflict over the transfer charge of Jean-Kevin Augustin. As the CAS announced on Friday, he denied Leeds United’s initial division of the English very first division club.

The legal dispute had to do with a striker in between Leipzig and Leeds, which included a purchase responsibility in the amount of 21 million euros. In case of a promotion from Leeds, this must be thought about to the Premier League and paid in 3 installations.


The disputed choice is totally confirmed, including Leeds’s responsibility to pay the initial rate of the transfer fee of 6,740,174 euros (seven million euros less 259,826 euros as a uniformity contribution).

Since the English second division period 2019/20 Corona bed lasted up until July, there had been a disagreement over the triggering of the acquisition responsibility. The CAS currently confirmed this, despite the fact that the season had actually involved an end later on than expected. Augustin is now playing at FC Basel in Switzerland.

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