Sallai after major eye injury: Im back!

Lukas Ruler, Daniel-Kofi Yeah and Lucas Hole located their means back to the Bundesliga team of the Freiburg with third-division objectives this period. Currently, Roland Sallie could be the next.

After his eye flooring fracture in the video game in Leverkusen, which had actually to be treated operative, the Hungarian worldwide was component of the starting eleven of SC Freiburg II versus CFB Oldenburg on Sunday. As well as Sallie (twist note: 2.0) was decisively associated with the 1-0 success, given that he had actually highlighted the penalty in the 63rd min, the leading marker Vincent then sank.

In fact, the 25-year-old shouldn’t have been on the pitch any longer, because only a fifty percent was agreed for the comeback. It was additionally observed that he needs precisely what he got, a bit of rhythm, said SC II trainer Thomas Stamp.

Sallie was very deep down

He wounded himself in early September, after which he not only missed out on numerous Bundesliga games, however also all European Organization video games. In the last video game of the team stage in Baku at Arab Adam (Thursday, 6.45 p.m., live! That would certainly be good, claimed Sallie.


The only thing that had frustrated him was the face mask that had slipped from time to time. I am really completely satisfied with the entire team and also with myself, claimed the Hungarian. It is always enjoyable for me, no issue where I play, the important point is that I’m on the pitch. Especially given that the doctors would certainly have described that he practically lost his eye. Thanks to her good job and likewise the care of the physiotherapists, Sallie can now look ahead once more in the truest feeling of words.

I’m back, said Sallie. I was deep down and also currently wishes to return as strongly as feasible. I have had a challenging time behind me, and also I am just satisfied to play without troubles.

additionally worldwide suits with Hungary this year?

I’m back, stated Sallie. Many thanks to her great job and likewise the treatment of the physiotherapists, Sallie can currently look ahead once again in the truest sense of the word.

That would certainly be nice, claimed Sallie. But this game helped me, stated Sallie after the victory versus Oldenburg. Hungary is not at the World Mug, Sallie can proceed after the last organization video game of the year of the Freiburg against Union Berlin.

Hungary is not at the World Cup, Sallie could proceed after the last league game of the year of the Freiburg against Union Berlin. His nationwide group made 2 pleasant video games in Luxembourg and against Greece. Sallie would additionally like to be there-and would do without a vacation week. Due to the fact that: The important point is that I’m on the pitch.

However this game helped me, claimed Sallie after the victory against Oldenburg. He brought himself exceptionally well, that was not shocking due to the fact that I see it in the expert games.

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