Konami opens jobs for large budget games

A few days ago INAMI’s return was officially known to bet on the world of video games, since many games were announced and more projects linked to the Silent Hill saga. And it seems that the company does not It will stop there with the development of titles, so they shared some job offers for high-level games.

Through a publication in the company’s social networks, it can be seen that they are looking for different profiles, this goes from developers, artists, art directors, animation technicians and some others. It is also confirmed that some of these positions are for Silent His L games, but also for games that are not yet revealed to the public.

We have opened a special page to recruit high-level games creators, including the Silent Hill series!

We are looking for creators. Please, watch it.

With this signal by INAMI , many have already begun to speculate with the franchises that can return, including Metal Gear Solid, Bomber man, Castlemaine, against and even Dance Revolution . For their part, they could bring new brands to surprise people, but that is something that followers will take long to discover.

Via: Twitter

Editor’s note: I would personally like the return of Castlemaine, because it has already spent a lot of time that we have not seen anything from the saga beyond the anniversary collections and the cell phone application.

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