The ink barns took the first -timer with them

Plato series has progressed to its third part. What does the go to the first-timers, and is it worth jumping at this point?

The first _Plato was published on Nintendo’s Wii U-console in 2015. The surprise hot simulator received praise for hectic and inventive multiplayer, but was criticized for the lean single player. In practice, the second part of Switch, published in 2017, continued on the same path, as the latter paid Onto Expansion added to the work brought a decent campaign to the work. Now, however, is the time to look at which tree is carved.

Agent and Kama.

Let’s start messing up!

At first, I have to admit that I have not played previous platoons, so this review is written from the point of view of the novice. So this criticism may be self-evident to the fans of the series, so it will take. Like its predecessors, Plato 3 is a third-person shooting game that is at the heart of this time on the web. I can’t call platonic a shooting because the characters shoot the ink of the colors of the team they represent instead of lead.

The most common form of game is Turf War, where eight players are divided into two teams of four different colors. The characters used are some kind of blends of humanoid and octopus or squid that, in addition to running and firing, can dive into their own ink. Mat sin wins the team that has tangled more along its own ink and boy, so it is not worth focusing on shooting opponents, even though the enemies can pop. Diving is worthwhile anyway, as you can hide in your ink and even swim along the messed walls, and weapons charge their ink stores only when diving.

Prattville is the nerve center of Splat on 3.

At the end of the matches, they will be rewarded with experience points and currency, along with which players can receive medals if they manage to perform predetermined tasks during the match. Reinna can then buy new weapons and clothes from a huge selection that improves the chances of coping.

It should also be mentioned that there is a three-team version of the Turf War, the Tricolor Turf War, which has a half-time, and can only be played at the internal Splat fest events. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to test it.

The news will tell if something has happened in the world of Splat on in the absence of a player.

Not only a status warfare

There are other modes. Anarchy Battle, or anarchy, replace the ranked matches for the previous part. They select either Splat Zones (version of the King of the Hill), Tower Control (guides the tower to the enemy base), Rainmaker (version of the flag robbery) or Clam Blitz (Simply collecting and throwing them into the finish). The fields and modes change every two hours, so the rotation is very nice.

Table turf Battle, on the other hand, is some kind of card game version of Turf War, where you can build your own freezer from 150 different cards. Unfortunately, this was not tested because I would not base too much on digital cards. On top of all this is the Horde mode Salmon Run, where players collect the eggs of Salmon ides (Hominoid?) By beating them. The announcer sets the goals and must remain. This was quite fun and less hectic than a station war.

Later, with the update, League Battle and X Battle are coming, where only players who have achieved extremely high level are fighting.


To top Plato, 3 may seem quite challenging when playing online. The hectic tempo requires getting used to the Turf War, and in addition to the start of the initial equipment, you will automatically start from the back. Nor do the servers distinguish between new players from more experienced, so the ride can be cold in that sense. However, you get used to getting used to the experience as you gain experience, and when you get better weapons, you start to get better, but it is still worth getting used to losing.

However, the web code itself works well, but unfortunately, the couch game played on one console cannot be successful. If you want to play in the same cabin with a friend, all participants must have their own Switch console.

You have a responsibility.

Be in the ink virtuoso of your own life

As stated, there is a multi-hour campaign in _Plato 3. The events take five years after _Plato 2 to the splat lands in the sunburned desert, where a player-driven character is recruited as an agent for the new Squid beak Splat on. The task of the agent is to get the world to flourish the world, solving problems, exploring the world and doing tasks.

However, you do not have to adventure alone, but also small fry, nicknamed a little buddy. A comrade can be used nicely in puzzle treadmill, and it can be used to attack enemies and purify the poisoning of the ground.

All in all, the story mode prepares the player great for online hustle and bustle. The use of different weapons and tactics is practiced in a commendable way, and even field planning helps you to see how you should work in any situation.

A photograph of the campaign.

The color saturation applies to all

Visually, Plato 3 is childish, but its colorful worlds are pretty and pleasant to the eye. As a big bonus, the match screen refresh is silky soft 60 squares per second, so Nintendo can certainly take the most out of the aging iron. The sound effects are pretty basic oats, while the music side offers a full-fledged player in the direction of the player: Speed metal, disco, trance, hump and just sheer bullshit. Some songs are undeniably quite strenuous, but on the sides of the soundtrack fits splat on like a paint on the wall.

All the pieces fall into a confusing way, and the audiovisual entity creates a truly distinctive feeling in the work. Tour Minegishi , Shi ho Fuji and Rio Takamatsu , I’ll lift the hat from the end!

The shoe retailer persists.

Come and paint, ink from it beautiful

I decided to take _Plato to 3 because I wanted to broaden my mind with a new type of work. In retrospect, I can say that I am really happy about the solution, as Nintendo’s Jodi for ink may be the first online work in Make’s books, which will become a permanent part of my playing.

So it’s not really too late to jump into the world of splat on!

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