Heroes (also bad guys) gathered! Call of Duty Modern Warfair 2 It seems that the countries of the topic have done it again [Bakugo Repo]

In a world where you change rapidly, the game industry progresses at the speed of light, and it is for everyone to determine which is a game that suits you. I want to know the information of the new game right now while facing the budget and the time to play. It is explosive speed play repo for such a case.

This time, Activision BLIZZARD is in charge of the publisher and played Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II) distributed on October 28, 2022. Here are some contents.

What is Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

This work is the latest work of the FPS Call of Duty series, which starts with the first work released in 2003 and has a history of about 20 years. In this series, everyday life is used from the perspective of one soldier, such as shooting battles in pursuit of visual reality, battlefield depictions, breakthrough through special units, and night battles using night vision devices. It is known for drawing.

The sequel to Call of Duty Modern Warfare in 2019 is a reboot work of the original version with the same name, and characters and others appeared in the same way. The story seems to be arranged significantly, but intense shooting and deep immersion experience were alive in this work.

The story begins is the reconnaissance mission in Al Maura, located in the Caucasus. The Task Force 141, which is composed of elites of each country, and the CIA and the American private military company, Shadow Company, killed Guarani , which leads the Iranian Gods unit. This is a trigger, and when his deputy officer Hassan Main is inhibited, Ghost and soap go out, and American ballistic missiles are found in the enemy territory……

In addition, this work is compatible with multiple languages including dubbed audio , full controller support is also fully equipped . It also supports cross play.

The key point is the reboot story holding down

The original version of COD: MW2 was a series of shocking developments that the United States was attacked by the United States as a revenge at airports in Russia. In this reboot version of this work, Russia, a rival of the fascinating, lurks and is the main stage in the Middle East and Central and South America.

I get a lot of rewritten impressions from the beginning, but the original people such as Shepherd and the shadow company also reappear, and the characters such as Roswell , which are also continued from the previous work of the reboot version, are also deep into the story. I’m involved.

The battlefields are diverse by moving around the world, and the barrage goes through the barrage from the front, or attacks from the shadow with a weapon with a silent device. The production that appeals to instinct unique to the series is drawn clearly with the latest graphics.

Since the behavior of a small special unit is the basis, the usual members are also dispatched in various places, and the story progresses in the format that does not have a fixed hero. Nevertheless, it seems that the main character in the original version is the main perspective.

There are many configurations that are conscious of the original version of trilogy, and it is nostalgic and hot, such as supporting friends on the ground from the above-mentioned gunship, wearing a gillie suit and snipe ring. Overall, the map is wide, so you can enjoy fresh play that has been greatly expanded, including the system, rather than going on a fixed course.

One-on-one two-cells

This work also has a familiar campaign mode and multiplayer, as well as a special option that works with other players to achieve missions.

The specifications may differ for each mission, but Roswell’s remarks in the cut scene of the first mission, when I actually played it, it was thought that up to two players would be advanced. 。

The number of people and responsibility increased due to the narrowed number of people, but solo clearing is also possible for the time being. The enemy’s attack did not hurt so far, so it’s probably a normal-based difficulty.

You can freely act on the prepared map and have many buildings to enter, so you can play in a miniature field. Road kills using vehicles and drive-by by allies on board are also possible, and the range of play is wide. Weapons and level experience are also included, so in a sense, it will be perfect for practical practice.

It was very grateful for solo players like the writer to be able to play to the end without having to faithfully do the roll required of developers and other participants.

Invention is the best multiplayer

Another signboard content lined up in the campaign mode is a multiplayer. This work has a huge map that can be attended by up to 64 people in some match mode. In addition to traditional team battles and team battles, there were rules for the introduction of AI soldiers in order to bargain over living hostages and players operated by humans.

Team death matches are the annual of the series, and I think many people have touched them in the previous beta test, so this time mainly plays the first different mode. Using vehicles such as cars, tanks, and Helicopters, the scale of Ground War, which has a big battle, is a masterpiece.

We aim to achieve the score limit before the opponent’s team, competing with multiple flags on the map. The sense of unity with many players, the spectacle of the sea of fire spread over the eyes, is a polite finish with the elements of this work.

I always rode a tank because I like vehicles, but even a small attack is easily destroyed. This seems to be due to faithfully protecting the game design of the infantry in the infantry, and is the specification within expectations. The vehicle is really like a bonus, and the basic part has not changed.

In the Inn version where AI soldiers participate, there is a different experience based on team death matches with vehicles.

Perhaps because the score has been set for the infinite AI soldiers, the victory conditions have been raised many times, and the refilling of the defeated AI has been reinforced as a reinforcement from a regular flying helicopter. Unlike players, the behavior is different from the player, so I personally like it with the same feeling as a campaign because I take a dedicated cover action.

The last Prisoner Rescue I played is a multi-round mode of without resurrection . Divide into attacks and defense, rescue or protect the captured hostage. If you assault and die without planning, you will have to watch the seats in the next round, and it is a rule that requires more advanced tactical judgment.

There are other game rules, so I’m worried about future updates, including adding content and fine-tuning. There is no doubt that you can enjoy the usual series, and be careful of the development of this work so that you do not miss the topical work of expectations.

By the way, in this work, there is an action for water, and if you have a water place anyway, you can dive, swim, or shoot a gun. In addition to the sliding, action was added, and the character control was also important.

Regarding this work, there have been a number of reports of bugs that are not so shortly after the release. I play a single/multi for a total of 8 hours in the PS5 version, and the right stick for shifting the viewpoint is lost, and at the time of the third-person perspective, the direction and aim of the gun are shifted several times. I encountered it. Furthermore, I want to believe that this will be modified immediately by update.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is being distributed on PC (Steam, Battle.net) and PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One.

Title: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Model I played: PS5
Release date: October 28, 2022
Author play time at the time of writing: 8 hours
Price: 9,680 yen

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