Does it take 5 years to cancel the skin of Overwatch 2 and Kiriko without charge? To discuss in the overseas community

BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT’s basic play free hero shooter Overwatch 2 To cancel the skin of the new hero Kirk without charge, at least 5 years old It is a debate to have a month.

According to Reddit users Autumn_hi, 15,600 coins, which are in-game currency, are required to release all cosmetics such as Kirk skins and emotes excluding seasonal items. He claims that it takes at least five years to cancel these without charge.

Cosmetic items can be canceled by charging and obtaining in-game currency, but you can obtain it by clearing the weekly championship even without charge. However, even if all 11 challenges are cleared, it can only receive about 60 coins per week. Therefore, it is not very realistic to try to collect cosmetics items.

Since this work has shifted to free play, the billing element is skin and battle pass. The geisha has been abolished, and it should be considered that cosmetics items do not need to be completed in gameplay, but he seems to be dissatisfied with the reluctance to have a weekly reward.

Blizzard and billing issues were also happening in Diablo’s Immortal. This work has been talked about poster posts that require $110,000 to do a complete character upgrade. In addition, the user was dissatisfied with the user because it was not possible to upgrade without using items that were discharged from the route box with a certain probability.


The only thing that requires the end content, and there were acts that CEO defends if you can play 99.5%even if you do not charge, but this is different from Overwatch 2, which is directly related to the game play called character upgrade. It can be said that there is a big difference.

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