The car door opened: Chris Froome injured in training accident

The door opened one meter in front of me. I didn’t also have time to grab the brakes with my hands, said the four-time scenic tour victor. The crash only took place from his residence.

Via TikTok, From introduced on Tuesday that he got an elbow joint blessing in Monaco on a training journey. The Brit was driven into an unexpectedly opened auto door at high rate and also thrown via the air.

suggestion for the drivers

From counted on all drivers in the article: I have a suggestion for you exactly how you can leave the car, the 37-year-old explains the so-called Dutch hold: Rather than opening the door by hand, The closest to the door is far better to make use of the other hand. So you immediately transform your body in the instructions of traffic as well as see if a person is coming.


The arm injury that From experienced is not too hard. Additionally, the Briton is said to have actually suffered a hip contusion in the fall.

serious loss at the Dauphiné

In 2017, From was rammed by a quick-tempered vehicle driver a few months prior to his 4th tour success. While he was unharmed at the time, his Finally bike was totally damaged.

In 2019, From had experienced a severe autumn while checking out a Dauphiné phase and experienced numerous fractures. When he wished to clean his nose, he was hit by a gust of wind and thrown against a residence wall.

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