The players desktop flashes, the only 3D light spot of the night-in the test Roccat machine XP

PC gaming is scarcely confused by the box, what kind of transformer is shimmering from the Rocket mouse box. Oh yes, the 15 buttons of the mouse will surely make Steve Jobs turn in his grave-not that the founder of Apple did not have a lot of today’s games.

The machine’s XP selection of fur cap and modern wireless machine XP Air arrived in the test.

sacred duality

The mouse twin is identical to each other in their design language and in the position of the buttons. Both slides softly on the mouse mat, after all, the bottom of the device is nice soft PETE paws. There is still a spare piece in the package, as long as the paws can wear out during the game sessions-there was no one-on-one use of any kind of nipple yet. The forefinger buttons, on the other hand, collect fat stains embarrassingly effectively, even if it has been a long time after eating chips.

The big hand of the big gaming journalist is naturally and without both gimmicks on the machine mouse, let alone a sense of sweating. The buttons placed on the side of the device can be comfortably found under the fingers, although especially during the accustomation phase, damage spots occurred more than once on the thumb side.

Suitable for skating and clicking, jumped with a 4D cap, the roll contains buttons for side presses in addition to the basic features, if you just remember to take advantage of them in some way. The USB grate from the base of the basic model is covered with fabric-like material and cannot be done properly in the knot-the same pleasant material is also utilized by the wireless version receiver.

Does the mouse need its tail?

ROC CAT ONE XP Air is more salty than the basic model due to its tirelessness. In addition to the mouse itself, the package includes the receiver, of course with its own spectacular LED lights. At the end of the battery, the Air model settles spectacularly upright in its shipyard, or of course you can charge the machine by rejecting the dongle and connecting the USB-C to a straight mouse-in this case, even the game sessions continue to be somewhat uninterrupted. For its size, the shipyard does not take up a lot of space from the table or the central unit, and it also fits nicely with the rest of Rocket’s other equipment, especially in its color scheme.

However, wireless will not come completely without problems. The battery life, which has been drummed into a hundred hours, is not very much, especially when it seems to be somewhat short of this. The battery life may have been obtained with more modest lighting, more later-more later. You can connect the mouse to your computer with either a basic Bluetooth or with your own Stellar Wireless connection. From time to time, the latter seems to be exhausted by a second or a couple of devices when waking up from hibernation.

The features of the mouse and other Rocket devices can be adjusted to the extent through Swarm software. The app is simple to use, and for example, the programming of extra buttons is made easy for such a bunch of PCs. There are more lighting modes, and a total of five profiles can be stored in the device. DPI sensitivity rates are available in the same amount to enable the OWL Eye sensor up to 19,000. By default, the buttons up and down for the speed of the cursor speed are available. By the way, these also had to be pressed from time to time by accident.

disco mice from Mars

By far the most important criticism criterion in this futurism exudes seems to be how much and what color LEDs can be found inside the shells. In this category, Rocket has then put it as a beach, calling lighting loudly with a trendy 3D. Really, the mouse can be breathed quite Playboy of all colors of the rainbow, if you just like it. The Aims lighting effects of the basic model are much more impressive than the Air version, which is another reason to question the one hundred euros in a one hundred euros. But not, if you like the colors, both the mouse will guarantee that even more eye candy for a more demanding color fist.

cheaper better

The Rocket One XP Mouse duo will not be able to end with their special unique, although the light show they offer may be worthy for some. The design language follows the current trends, and there is no attempt to reinvent the wheel again-not to have. Each mouse is easy and comfortable to use, although the price of the Air version of $170 seems far too stylish in relation to the whole-especially since the fur cap model offers a better user experience in many respects.

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