DFB-Vice Schaffert: The football family is unified

Everyone has an easy or energetic engagement as a player, umpire, follower, club worker or trainer, claimed the head of state of the North German Football Association for sociopolitical jobs. Shaffer sees inclusion as a huge joint job of the dfb with its nationwide associations.

The football family members is joined, there are no distinctions. Our credo is: All people with disability ought to locate a home in the football family members in an equal as well as self-determined footing, stressed Shaffer at the mixed area on Sunday.

The largest ing activities’ organization in the world with its regional associations can rely on cooperation partners. Shaffer: We are pleased that we understand, among other points, with the German Disabled s Association, the ZNS Bangalore Kohl Structure, the German Blind as well as Visually Damaged Association, the Federal Working Group on Workshops for Disabled Individuals, Activity Mensch and also the German Olympic s Association..

As part of the inclusion effort, the addition police officers in the 21 DFB state organizations are committed to ensuring that much more individuals with handicap discover access to the football frameworks. This likewise consists of arranging their very own inclusive leagues, claimed the 66-year-old. On top of that, if needed, they would certainly launch changes to the laws and also orders or provide further training deals
DFB Vice President Ralph-Uwe Shaffer once more mentioned the unique concern of football on the celebration of the addition days of the Sept Hershberger Structure of the German Football Organization.


From Friday to Sunday, the Hershberger Foundation had arranged the addition days on Roncalliplatz in Perfume along with the Football Organization Middle Rhine, the City of Perfume as well as 1. FC Cologne. Cosmopolitanism and also variety of society were the focus of the occasion.

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