Alpine vehicle driver Ocon: Let us obtain Mick Schumacher

Alpine driver Ocon claimed he didn’t know the legal circumstance of Schumacher specifically. Yet as I understand it, he has not signed anything for 2023. So I informed my individuals: Allow’s get Mick, said Ocon.

Alpine pilot Esteban Ocon is strong for the 23-year-old’s commitment to his racing group. I told the team leadership that I would such as to drive with Mick Schumacher.

The group had currently revealed the Australian Oscar Piatri as the successor to Alonso. The 21-year-old leading skill made the offer openly and also ensured that he would not drive for alpine. An arbitral tribunal is currently managing the situation.


Schumacher’s agreement at Haas ends hereafter period. The team most recently played. Group employer Günther Steiner stated: We have no pressure to choose. Nobody is going away. Schumacher needed to remain to perform to secure a location for the following season.

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