The best plague weapon in Timaia is a list of weapons levels

Plague weapons in timesia are used to apply large damage due to energy consumption. Each of them uses a different amount of energy and can be improved several times. They have unique kuldowns and can even have additional effects depending on the player’s attributes. Some weapons can be obtained by defeating the bosses, but not all of them should be far-haired. This is a list of weapons of the Timesian plague.

List of weapons of the Timesian plague

level s

This is the best plague weapon in the game, and it can be used with almost any assembly.

Big sword *-good damage, breaking through super armor, short reload time
double swords -high damage, can be canceled, short kuldown
Giant sword -High damage, breaking super armor, it is worth farming the boss
Vile bloody shield *-fantastic protection, gives super armor and buffa, can cause damage to enemies, high cost of energy
Bloody blade -Fantastic buff, which can be strengthened by the attacks of the saber to apply more damage.
Fool’s blow -High damage, low cost of energy, short recovery time, breaks superbrania, gives superbrania, gives enemies to the debuff of bleeding
miasms *-good utility and protective abilities, can cause very much damage when using a sufficient amount of miasma glasses.
onions *-causes extremely high damage when using a critical attack for interruption, low cost of energy, short recovery time, gives enemies Debuff of bleeding



All this is a fantastic plague weapon, but one or two things restrain it.

Bloody storm *-gives health, causes damage from wounds, gives buffs, high cost of energy
mutating tentacles -high damage, you can use it again
Spear sword -High damage, short kuldown, pierces super armor, can be used immediately after any blow
* Flying daggers -an extremely useful tool for counteracting critical attacks, high damage after successful evasions and throwing away all daggers.

Shield *-High damage when re-used after the block by the shield, takes time, gives buffs, can block critical attacks, low energy cost, short recovery time
Switch -restores health depending on the damage applied, short kuldown, low cost of energy, can be used to tank blows and restoration of lost health, gives buffs
Hammer -extremely high damage, gives positive effects, reduced damage when using, low cost of energy, the final attack can break the superbrania

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level b

Each of these plague guns is useful, but not as multifaceted as some at other levels.

Hand ax *-moderate damage, breaks superbrania, low energy cost, short recovery time, can be used at a distance to reduce damage.
knife -moderate damage from claws, gives buffs, can be quickly used after reflection, low cost of energy, the minimum recovery time
Alabard -High damage, gives positive effects, a short recovery time, low energy, only the last blow breaks the superbrumba.
Fist *-Decent damage, causes damage to all enemies around, throws enemies back, breaks off superbranes, reduced damage at a caste, short restoration time, can be used in the air for more damage
Qatar -Decent damage, gives enemies Debuff Bleing, gives buffs, a short recovery time, jumps after and may be accompanied by an attack in the jump
whip -high damage, gives positive effects, a short recovery time, low energy cost, can be used to attract enemies

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