Opened YouTube channel To make a game of Masahiro Sakurai. Deliver videos that both developers and players can enjoy raising the fun of the game

On August 24, game creator Masahiro Sakurai opened the YouTube channel Masahiro Sakurai to make a game . Under the intention of I want to raise the fun of the game, it seems to be a channel that explains in-game mechanisms and specifications in an easy-to-understand manner.

In the channel summary column, there is an explanation that Directors such as Kirby of the Stars and Super Smash Bros. will talk about games or use it useful. It is done.

One of them, About this channel, reveals the direction of the channel, I would like to talk about the fun of games, rather than playing in game play plays. He also explained the purpose of opening the channel, considering the possibility that more people could give more awareness if the program was made into a variety of games. In the game development, it has shown a policy to explain very rudimentary things, and it seems that even beginners of game development are aiming to create videos that are easy to understand. On the other hand, he does not explain much technical things. Mr. Sakurai cited the differences depending on their development environment and the number of secrets.

In addition, in the video, it is said that images of the development ROM of Super Smash Bros. Brawl and development materials created by Mr. Sakurai may be taken up. It seems to be a valuable video for fans. Regarding such materials, they have obtained the permission of Nintendo. On the other hand, it was emphasized that the channel itself was opened by Mr. Sakurai. He does not aim to make money from the channel. Therefore, advertisements in the video are not set, and the time of the video will be shortened. On the other hand, there are editing staff and translation staff for videos, so the more you make a video, the more you will be in the red. He has revealed this, This is a volunteer. I think it’s an investment in the game industry.

In addition, in the video of Stop is the important place!, Mr. Sakurai immediately explains the production of the game. While taking a hit stop as an example, it explains the importance of the production that pauses the screen in important places while comparing when there is and if not. In the video, the production that pauses when the boss is defeated is called boss stop, which is a term that Sakurai himself made in specifications. As the story was proceeded with the actual game video, I was able to watch it with interesting and interesting writers who had no experience developing game development. On Twitter, there seems to be game developers who immediately practice know-how in the video.

Youtube channel How to make a game by Masahiro Sakurai opened by Sakurai. The explanation video about the channel was the content of Sakurai’s enthusiasm, who wanted to raise the fun of the game. I want to look forward to what kind of videos will be posted.

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