Voices required to expand tax support in the content industry

The content industry officials said that tax support for production costs should be expanded. It is pointed out that the ratio of content production tax deductions should be expanded, and support for content investment costs is needed.

The Democratic Party’s Hong Ik-pyo and Cho Seung-rae, along with Kim Young-sik, held a debate on the direction of improving the video content tax support system at the Yeouido National Assembly in Seoul on the 22nd. The debate was held by Kim Yong-hee’s Open Root Expert Committee, and the industry officials discussed.

The debate included Baek Seung-il, Secretary General of the Korea Broadcasting Channel Promotion Association, Kim Yeon-sung, Vice President of Wemed, Kim Woong-kyu, Secretary-General of the Korea Broadcasting Association, Song Dae-chan, and Lee Yong-ho, chairman of the Korea Animation Producers Association.

Kim Yong-hee, a professional committee member, insisted that the rate of deduction of contents production tax should be raised from the current ▲ 3% of large companies, 7% of mid-sized companies, and 10% of SMEs. Developed countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, and Canada deduct 20-30% of the production costs and encourage the activation of the content industry.

Kim also insisted that support measures reflect the reality are needed. Kim experts said, In the case of video contents, it takes a long time from planning to distribution, but you can receive tax support after profits. It is pointed out that it is difficult for the producers to feel it because it cannot be received.

■ The content industry Tax support required voice one voice

On this day, the content industry officials voiced that the content tax support should be expanded and the support of content tax should be expanded.

Secretary General Baek Seung-il said, The domestic pay-TV market is quite low, but it is difficult to raise prices due to combination with telecommunications products., Content costs require expansion.

He said, The current content industry is difficult to secure investment resources, and it is difficult to compete. It will be.

Kim Yeon-sung insisted that tax support for project costs is needed. Kim said, In the case of content, there is a lot of investment in project units than investments in companies, but there is no tax support for project investment. Content companies will plan more.

Secretary-General Kim Woong-gyu stressed that the liberal arts program should also be included in the tax support. Secretary-General Kim said, The tax support includes various genres such as entertainment programs and documentaries, but there is no reason to include culture programs.

Song Dae-chan said that support is needed in the R & D field. Song said, The content is also a kind of manufacturing industry. I know that there is a factory and research institute to benefit the manufacturing industry, but it is necessary to prepare R & D support measures that reflect the physiology of the content industry.

Lee Yong-ho, chairman of the Policy Promotion Committee, stressed that policy support is needed and policy support is needed and the difficulties of the animation industry. Chairman Lee said, In the case of the animation industry, the profit structure as a video is poor, so it is often a business model in the character business and licensing business..

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