After severe accusations: DSV provides water dive

The incumbent national coach Wasserprain Lutz Buschkow is accused of not having understood Jan Hempels to his then trainer Werner Langer at the time. Organization on Thursday night. At the existing time, the examination that has currently been executed did not result in any type of such indicators, it said.

The procedure of the Knowledge has actually not yet been completed. However, due to its high moral needs, the DSV board has chosen to launch Mr. Buschkow till the final information of the realities with instant effect from his work as a nationwide train of water entering the DSV.


In a docudrama of the ARD under the title Abused-sexualized physical violence in German swimming, the Olympic secondly of Atlanta 1996, Hempel, reported publicly in relocating words about the allegations of sexual abuse against the now passed away Werner Langer and Hempel Buschkow reproached it when dealing with it.

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