All about Whitley in Call of Duty Warzone, Season 4: A machine gun with few bullets and a lot of damage

The reign of the KG M40 machine gun is indisputable, as we saw last week during the review of the Warzone armament . The point is that it is not the only machine gun with good effectiveness on the battlefield. Then I tell you everything you should know about Whitley .

Whitley in Call of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty Vanguard Whitley’s LMG or machine gun is not a weapon in the other world and I don’t think it exceeds kg m40 in general terms, but certainly the numbers indicate that it kills faster (giving each bullet).

Let’s start with numbers and statistics. In Wzranked it has very bad figures: 0.12 of pick, 1.00 of k/d and 1.37 of victories. It is not a popular weapon, we are going to leave it here. The positive numbers of the Whitley are in the last balancing of weapons:

  • 16 CGC wrapped: the penalty of damage rank was reduced from the-30% al-20%.
  • 28 Gracey MK.9: Damage range increased from 15% to 30%.
    *.303 British round loaders 45: The penalty of damage rank was reduced from-20% A-10%.

That said, we go to the accessory configuration (via Winghaven), which transforms this machine gun completely. It continues to maintain its weight and slow when changing the weapon, but recharges very fast , it barely has setback and leaves the enemies of 4 bullets injured.

* Bocacha : mx silencer.

Canyon *: Gracey MK. 9 of 71.12 cm.
Look : Look PU for SVT-40 (x3-6).
Cynate : CGC R4.

Acople *: 1930 guerrilla at angle.
Loader / ammunition : British charger with 45 projectiles / elongated.
Rear handle : polymer handle.
* Advantages : Patient and available.

This configuration increases precision and reach of the Whitley machine gun, maintaining the year, cadence and control, and losing some mobility. It is a machine gun that will be heavy yes or yes, so it doesn’t matter to lose a bit of mobility.

The most positive qualities of this version is that kills very few bullets and extremely fast recharge to be a machine gun. Its 45 bullet charger allows you to replace the charger very fast and its damage kill several players… whenever you are accuracy.

Compagina is weapon with the subfusile Nonchaguerra 43 and Marco 5 or the Cooper Carbine Assault rifle. My advice is that you turn to a weapon that covers the short distances and that is fast.

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