What is Roboaresta! ? Many back stories in Mega Doramini 2 -Sangokushi III includes both cartridge and CD versions

Additional titles included in Mega Drive Mini 2 were announced on the distribution program Dengeki Game Live #81 Summer Vacation Waku Special Broadcasting held on August 11. Among them, back stories about each title were also revealed.

■ Echo the Dolphin, which was revived in Mega Doramini 2

The first announced Echo the Dolphin CD is an unusual work that dolphin is the main character, and it is a popular title at the time because of its beauty of the game visuals. For this reason, the recording of Echo the Dolphin was considered during the development of Mega Drive Mini, which is the first mini-live of Mega Drive, but he commented on the difficulty of the difficulty.

However, Mega Drive Mini 2 has become possible to record mega CD software, so the first and second works of Echo the Dolphin are set Echo The Dolphin CD. ] A white arrow was set up.

If the first work was recorded in Mega Drive Mini, the mega CD version may not have been recorded in Megadoramini 2. If you are a mega CD version, you can play two works, so this is better. It has been around and the user gets it.

■ Fantasy Star II that makes it easier to play in Easy Mode **

It is the second work of the series, and the development for megaadra is the first Phantasy Star II Reduction is also included in Mega Drive Mini 2. This was also a work that did not come true in Mega Drive Mini because of the difficulty of the game.

However, by installing Easy Mode implemented in the PS2 version, the problem of difficulty has been cleared this time. In this mode, the movement speed is double, the encounter rate is 1/2, and the experience value and money obtained after battle can be obtained. In addition, there is no change in the ending, so please enjoy Easy Mode with confidence.

■ You can enjoy two versions Mikuni III

Not only mega drives, but also Super Nintendo, PC engine and PS, etc., Sangokushi III will come to Mega Drive Mini 2. In addition, this Sangokushi III has a cartridge version and a mega CD version, and it is announced that both Mega Drive Mini 2 will be included.

At that time, the cartridge version was more comfortable, and the feeling of play was evaluated, but this time the access to the mega CD version has improved. The encounter with the Mega CD version Sangokushi III, which can be played comfortably, will be one of the pleasures that you can enjoy with Mega Drive Mini 2.

■ Electric Arresta also includes the version upgraded overseas version

Following Martial Aresta included in Mega Drive Mini, Mega Drive Mini 2 can play Electric Alesti. In addition, not only this work, but also the overseas version of Roboaressa.

Roboarester is adjusted based on Electric Arresta, and there is also an aspect of the version upgrade version. Perhaps because of that, Roboiraresta has gained popularity overseas, and it can be said that it is a triumphal with fans.

One of the adjusted examples is that in the domestic version, the weapon that only turned around the aircraft has turned into a weapon with a homing effect that automatically searches for enemies. Just looking at it seemed to have changed a lot of play.

Many domestic users may be re-evaluated by many domestic users who are popular overseas versions. This Mega Drive Mini 2 may be a great opportunity.

The above-mentioned interesting backstory popped out of the above four works, but in addition, Gen Grand, Sorcerian, King King King Colossus, Popuras Tenka Fudo-Roar of Heroes- Reincarnation and Viewpoint as an extra frame have also been decided.

There is only one unfortunate announcement, and this announcement is the last announcement. It seems that the recording of Yumimi Mikusu and Urusei Yatsura-Diamai Friends- that some fans were eager will not be realized this time.

Announcement of this recorded work that came out of many surprises and good news, and a little disappointing story. The next date and time is scheduled for 20:00 on August 19. All of these records will be revealed, so don’t miss the last announcement.

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