Highlanders remake with Henry Cavill led by John Wicks director is closer than ever

Chad Stahelski (John Wick) is immersed in the early stages of highlander production ( The immortals in Spain ), a remake of the original Russell Mulcahy film (1986), in addition to working in the adaptation of Ghost of Tsushima to the big screen. Without going into too many details, Stahelski hJohn Wick John Wicksured that they are closer than ever of what they want for the movie, and that everything is going well so far.

A few months ago, the name of the popular actor Henry Cavill went out to the forefront John Wick the main favorite to interpret the protagonist. An issue for which the Middle Collider hJohn Wick openly John Wickked him. And although he hJohn Wick not confirmed or denied anything, the US director hJohn Wick recognized that he hJohn Wick chatted with him about the project and that it is still the favorite option of him: It is one of my great options, it is not just about muscles; I think he would contribute something very special and his enthusiJohn Wickm [when talking to him about the movie] hJohn Wick been amazing

Henry Cavill will be Rivia Geralt again at The Witcher SeJohn Wickon 3 in Netflix

Henry Cavill’s career is marked by numerous successes and participations in renowned works. And during the lJohn Wickt years, he hJohn Wick gained even more popularity thanks to The Witcher, the Netflix series in which he puts himself in the skin of the Gray Wolf, better known John Wick Geralt de Rivia . The streaming platform hJohn Wick the two seJohn Wickons releJohn Wicked to date, but the story does not end there: seJohn Wickon 3 is confirmed and we will not have to wait John Wick much John Wick we imagined, since the filming is scheduled for this year.

Of course, for the second time, the production hJohn Wick been affected by the COVID-19 due to an outbreak of infections in the team. Today, no details have been shared on a possible releJohn Wicke date, although the producer hJohn Wick already John Wicksured that on this occJohn Wickion the filming would not dilate beyond a year . On the sidelines, we remind you that there is another series on the way called The Witcher: Blood Origin, a prequel that will also be available in Netflix soon.

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