Tor celebration! SC Paderborn makes incorrect begin of Hannover 96 best

Paderborn recommended back in front of 11,528 spectators by the own goal of Luka Krajnc (28th) and the goal from Marvin Pieringer (52nd), captain Ron Schallenberg (60th) finally transformed the video game. Felix Platte (89.) achieved the final score.

Hannover 96 is continued in the 2nd Bundesliga under the new coach Stefan Leitl. On matchday 3, the Lower Saxony at SC Paderborn lost 2: 4 (1: 1) in a game with an open visor despite 2 management and also have just one dot on the account.

Havard Nielsen (12th), that had brought the lead from Bundesliga relegated Greuther Fürth to his chain, and Cedric Teuchert (36th) brought the guests twice.

Zielers Patzer takes 96 to the losing roadway

Paderborn remained tuned, was not agitated by the brand-new shortage. The objective of 96 caretaker Ron-Robert Zieler was under the long-term fire, the Rio globe champion jumped a shot in the Paderborner 3-2, Schallenberg freely cleaned off.


Therefore, Paderborn enormously boosted the stress and also made the equalization after several chances, Hanover Luka Krajnc guided the round into his own objective after a cost-free kick with his chest.

The team is on the appropriate track. Currently we are additionally to rating. Drefy, Leitl had actually stated beforehand.

His players established off as well as compensated themselves early and a minimum of with the help of SCP keeper Jannik Huth and also defender Jasper van der Werff, that took a steep pass. Nielsen just had to press the sphere into the vacant objective.

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