Official reason of death at NFL

In the former football star Demaryius Thomas, that died in December at the age of only 33, complications were confirmed as a main reason of death as a result of epilepsy.

CTE occurs as an outcome of frequent head injury as well as can only be identified postmortal. The illness has currently been detected by greater than 300 previous NFL players.


This arises from the postmortem examination record, which is in components ESPN. Accordingly, the fatality of the 2016 Super Bowl champ was the result of the assault.

In July it came to be recognized that Thomas like numerous various other football specialists under the degenerative mind illness CTE LITT. This was the result of an examination of the brain by doctors from Boston College. The previous pass receiver Thomas had actually been located dead in Roswell/Georgia, as well as his death had caused fantastic discouragement in the United States Profiliga NFL.

Even after that, the Boston neuropathologist Ann McKee thought a seizure as a presumable reason of death. CTE itself does not create death, McKee made it clear to ABC News: CTE changes habits and also personality. According to household, Thomas tormented anxiety, are afraid accidents and also panic assaults before his death.

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