CO-OP Roboge VOIDCRISIS Steam early access starts! Tower offense act that challenges a large number of enemies with up to 4 people

Hexa Drive has launched an early access distribution of the CO-OP mechanical action VOIDCRISIS on Steam.

This work is a highly difficult tower offense action game that cooperates with up to four people and confronts enemies attacking from all directions. The players manipulate the four types of Vital Armor with different performance, Voidcrisis, which involves the time cracks that occurred in Jupiter’s satellite and Callisto.

In the battle, enemies that are strengthened over time for each wave appear in large quantities from all directions. Immediately after the start of the battle, the ability of vital armor is low, but you can improve performance by defeating enemies and collecting materials.

There are four types of situations, from outdoors, with good outstanding outdoors to narrow and dark passages, on the stage. Since the enemy invasion route, the arrangement of the turret, the intress of the radiation, etc. vary from play to play, not only the aircraft control but also the space grasp ability and strategy are tested. This is the main work, but after clearing the game, it has been revealed in our magazine that there is a phantom mode that invades the game of other players alone after clearing the game.

In the early access version, only the main story can be played in multiplayer and single play. The product version will add a function to open various types of episodes by satisfying specific conditions, and an archive mode that allows you to look back on the episodes opened after play from the current version.

With the start of distribution, a trailer that shows the contents of the game and a secondary creation and distribution guidelines are released. The rules of copy light notation and precautions are written, such as not the permission of the distribution for the appreciation of in-game content, so if you are planning to play in the future, check it out.


VOIDCRISIS is being distributed early access to PC (Steam). The early access period is scheduled for 2-3 months, and the price will rise when the official release is officially released.

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