Take the first look at John Wick 4

The saga of John Wick is one of the most beloved in the world of cinema, this is due its premise of action and revenge, how nice it may turn out to be Keanu Reeves as an interpreter of the protagonist. And when a quarter of the franchise is announced, many have remained with the doubt of how it will look, after all the last update was months ago.

Through a text message to fans who had registered to receive updates from the study Lionsgate over the last year a new image was shown. This after a brief advance sent through a text message earlier this week. Same in which we see the main character back.


Here you can see it:

This is what the actor revealed Laurence Fishburne regarding this quarter of John Wick :

I should go to Berlin within a couple of months or so. I read the script. It’s really great. Although it is the same world as the other three films, it is deeper. It is much deeper in terms of the murderer’s code. And the relationship he has with a character. In particular, whom I think Mr. Watanabe interprets… It is really the heart and soul.

Remember that the tape will premiere on March 24, 2023 ** in cinemas.

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