Change to Liv Series: Stenson no more Ryder-Cup

Officially, no reason was pointed out, yet according to media records, Stenson wants to change to the questionable LIV Golf Series soon. The standard Ryder Cup, in which a European contend against an US group, takes location in Rome from September 25 to October 1, 2023.

In sight of the choices that Stenson made in relation to his personal circumstances, it had come to be clear that he could not meet particular contractual responsibilities towards the Ryder Cup Europe, to which he had actually devoted himself prior to his announcement as a captain.

US players likewise endanger

PGA scenic tour as well as DP Globe Scenic tour have actually approved participants in the first competition of the brand-new collection with exclusions, tournament locks and penalties. American specialists that start at LIV events additionally endanger the end of the Ryder Cup.

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