Warframe developer, Mono Nokehime feels like a close -up new work

Warframe Developer Digital Extreme announced its new Soul Frame through the Tennocon 2022 on the 16th. It was characterized by a theme and melee combat on the theme of nature and human conflicts, and overall, it attracted attention as a reminiscent of Mononoke Hime.

The first trailer, which was released on the 16th, is characterized by soft colors, focusing on men with mechanical humans and men with imitation arms. Based on melee combat, it was relatively slow and heavy rather than warframe, and it was also possible to confirm the special ability to petrify the enemy by bouncing the finger with an engraved arm.

On the official website, which was held with the release of the video, you can see the words ‘lions from the sky of the ode’ and the locks written ‘ODE SKY’ along with the side of the person with the machine arm. If you loosen the lock, ‘Your way is waiting. Go forward. You can see the main scenes in the trailer. The background of the game that can be seen based on this appears to be called ‘a wide field of field beyond the sky of the Od’, and the story is a ‘lion with shame’ and the protagonist, who is a shameful lion, finds his own spirit and finds true power. It is expected to move back to the land.

Jeff Crooks, director of Soul Frame Creative Director, wrote, The crew likes the concepts of Miyazaki and Mononoke Hime, where nature and human conflicts are repeated, and will explore various topics based on the idea of restoration and exploration. As the trailer shows this, the trailer also confirmed that it interacts with natural objects and surrounding environments, such as solving the wolf’s seal with a mysterious engraved machine.

Detailed information or release date for the soul frame was not disclosed.

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